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  Adamus Saint Germain's DreamWalker Birth Transitions™


Originally, the role of an Adoula greatly exceeded her modern tasks. She was a spiritual mediator with the task of facilitating the connection between the incarnating souls and their future parents.
If you are convinced of the idea that we consist of an immortal essence able to incarnate into a material body, bring it to life and leave it behind as an inanimate vessel, then this information may be of interest for you.

As such, I would like to tell you a little about the mysterious spiritual process which takes place before conception, during our time in the womb and after birth.
Most humans are unaware of the fact that the process of incarnating into a material body is far more difficult for a soul than the process of dying. A soul's natural state of being is freedom from all material limitations. It is therefore much harder for a soul to enter into matter than to return to its original, immaterial state. However, nothing can replace the wisdom gained through experiencing life in a material body.

Many disturbances of fertility and pregnancy, birth complications and difficulties with the newborn are due to problems during this transition process. An imbalance or incompatibility between the incoming soul and the expecting parents can be the cause for various emotional and physical ailments of the mother, the child and the father as well.

We have not yet sufficiently taken into account that the expecting father's health is equally affected by the balance between all parties involved - even if he has no knowledge of the ongoing pregnancy!

This is the field of work of the spiritual Adoula.
Optimally, she starts her work with the future parents even before conception, thereafter guiding them through pregnancy and delivery and afterwards assisting them until the ninth month of the baby, when the main portion of its essence is supposed to have entered the new body.
The work consists of spiritually facilitating conception, supporting the parents in consciously choosing a compatible soul, which allows the pregnancy to flow much more easily and the delivery to become much smoother and gentler.

Through simple breathing work, the Adoula helps bring about the connection between the parents and the incoming entity and stabilize it during and after pregnancy. As a result, it is then much easier for the newborn to find its way about in the still unfamiliar material world. It then has little need to show its discomfort by hours and hours of crying.

It must be made clear, however, that this work is only an additional offer and cannot replace medical (allopathic or homoeopathic) care of the parents and the child during pregnancy, delivery and the time after birth.
Of course, the exact progression of pregnancy and delivery cannot be planned or guaranteed, as there are also energies at work which we as human beings cannot (and may not want to!) consciously influence.
It is more about allowing and trusting, and about assisting a wonderful process which goes far beyond the facts currently known to mainstream medicine.

My knowledge about these processes stems from my successfully completed course of study called Dreamwalker Birth Transitions (A Guide to Birthing by Divine Choice) by Adamus Saint Germain, offered be the Shaumbra Institute, NV USA. (see below)

(excerpt from the e-mail dated 2008-01-22)

Dear Ulli,
Thank you for participating in the DreamWalker Birth course. ...
Your exam was a beautifully written personal account of transformation and growth and I thank you for sharing it with us. On behalf of Shaumbra Institute, I am pleased to inform you that you have now successfully completed the DreamWalker Birth Personal Study Course, including the final exam, and are hereby awarded full certification as a DreamWalker Birth Adoula.

  We are honored to welcome you to the growing body of certified DreamWalker facilitators, and wish you great success as this new form of spiritual midwifery work unfolds for you...

  Big Blessings,
Maggie Hopffgarten


Maggie Hopffgarten
Director, Shaumbra Institute
Crimson Circle Energy Company, Inc.
Headquarters: 341 Ski Way, Suite 103 • Incline Village, NV 89451

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