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Homoeopathy is a medical form of therapy practised by medical doctors in Austria.
It is a regulation therapy which uses potentiated remedies (i.e. energetically reinforced, intensified) taken mainly from the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms.

After the case history has been carefully taken, the patient is given a medicine that matches his/her individual central disturbance, a remedy which is similar to and in resonance with the nature of the patient´s disturbance.

(Similia similibus curentur – rule of similarity).

We humans are regarded as a unity of body, mind and soul. While the symptoms of a disease can manifest on different levels, they are still an expression of a central disturbance of energy/information. The stimulus provided by the homoeopathic remedy allows profound healing to take place on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes.

Since 1979 when I first began working with homoeopathy, it has continued to develop in many fascinating ways. Thanks to the work of my teachers, Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Jan Scholten and many others, our understanding of the correlation between a person’s emotional state and the physical manifestation of a disease has deepened profoundly.
Over the past years, I have been working mainly according to the Sankaran method, combining it with my previous knowledge where fitting.

More on my teachers and my medical training...

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Dr. med. Ulrike Wessely
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