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   Professional Qualifications and Training

1979 Graduation as an M.D.
1984 Ius practicandi following G.P. internship
1984–1992 Cardiopulmologic Rehab-Center Hochegg and Geriatric Center "Am Wienerwald"
Since 1992 health examinations as a staff member of the Vienna Health Department´s mobile team.
Since 1979 – training in Classical Homoeopathy in Austria and abroad, among others with: M. Dorcsi (Vienna), G. Vithoulkas und V. Ghegas (Greece), A. Geukens (Belgium), J. Scholten (Netherlands), J. Sherr (London); Jonathan Shore (USA), Divya Chhabra (Mumbai/Bombay).
1994 – study visit to Mumbai to study with India´s five most renowned homoeopaths: R. Sankaran, J. Shah, Sujit Chatterjee, Nandita Shah, Sunil Anand;

Regular participation in the Vienna study group led by Massimo Mangialvori (Italy), Willi Neuhold (Graz, Vienna.

1984 - Diploma for Diagnostics und Therapy according to Franz Xaver Mayr (Courses taught by Dr. Erich Rauch and Dr. Ernst Kojer, direct followers of the late Dr. Mayr).

2001 - Rostock-Essences course with Nicola Wohlgemuth in Graz/Styria.

Since 1987, I have had my own clinic, mainly focusing on Homoeopathy, Diagnostics and Therapy acc. to Dr. F.X. Mayr. (Cleansing diets with or without an additional Liver Cleanse according to Dr. Clark, somewhat modified by myself).

Diplomas from the Austrian Medical Council for Complementary Medicine: "Homoeopathy" and "Mayr –Therapy" as well as a diploma for Continuing Medical Education (CME) for General Medicine.

Publications in the journals "Homöopathie in Österreich", "Homoeopathic Links" (international journal for classical homoeopathy) and in the book written and published by our Vienna Study Group led by Massimo Mangialavori: "Homeopathic Families – 20 Remedies Coming Alive".

Other certificates: see Spiritual Work

  Homoeopathy Mayr-Cures Liver Cleanse Rostock-Essences Spiritual Work

Dr. med. Ulrike Wessely
General Practitioner
Homoeopathy - Diagnostics and Therapy according to Dr.F.X.Mayr
A - 1140 Wien - Diesterweggasse 19/2/2
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