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Cleansing Diet according to Dr. F.X. Mayr

The main flaws of our dietary habits – we tend to eat too much, too often, too fast, too sour, too heavy, too late in the evening and too dry – lead to numerous civilization ailments, often starting with disturbances of the digestive tract (chronic gastritis, constipation, etc.).
In the long run the results are functional disturbances and an accumulation of toxins and waste products in the area of the connective tissue, the musculoskeletal system, the cardiac and circulatory system, the nervous system (meteorosensitivity, headaches, migraine), liver and kidney problems (gall and kidney stones !), skin diseases etc.

How Dr. Mayr's Therapy works:
Over the course of several weeks of cleansing diet and manual abdominal treatment and a return to a healthy whole food diet, an overall detoxification and regeneration of the organism sets in. In addition to the classical diet with rolls and milk, a number of other dietary variations are offered for patients whose body does not tolerate milk, dairy produce or wheat.
Before or after the Mayr treatment a Liver Cleanse can be done. During the cure, the patient can be supported by homoeopathic treatment or with Rostock essences, if necessary.
Also, advice is given on the maintenance of a more healthy and balanced way of living after the cure. Last but not least, the experience of fasting or the change of old lifestyle and eating habits includes a spiritual aspect for many people.

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