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  Liver Cleanse according to Dr. Hulda Clark

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With an ancient simple and natural method, this liver cleanse helps eliminate thickened secretions, deposits and concrements (stones) from the intrahepatic (liver) bile ducts and the gall bladder.
Our liver produces bile, which is then thickend and stored in the gall bladder to assist the digestion process. After moving through the extrahepatic bile ducts, the bile reaches the duodenum, where it supports fat digestion and stimulates bowel motion.

Over the years, the bile can thicken more and more, narrowing or blocking the bile ducts altogether and conglomerating into so-called gall stones within the gall bladder. The resulting chronic irritation of the of gall bladder’s mucous membrane and /or additional infections may also lead to inflammation of the gall bladder, which may induce painful bilious colics.

Increased blockage of a growing number of the intrahepatic bile ducts causes the liver’s detoxification function to decrease and, in addition, a slow-down of bowel movement due to diminished secretion of bile acids. This may lead to constipation.

Thickened secretions in the intrahepatic bile ducts often cannot be dedected by X-ray examinations or sonographies, as there is no difference in density to normal liver tissue. Thus even for apparently healthy individuals it can be a big surprise as to what shows up during such a liver cleanse! Most often found are numerous soft, little "bilirubin stones" colored green from the bilirubin of the liver. These may contain micro-organisms in their nucleus. Cholesterol or calcium accumulations are also commonly found.

Liver cleanses carried out on a regular basis can prevent such thickening of liver secretions and blockages of the bile ducts. Moreover, they have a positive effect on digestion and detoxification of the organism.

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