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Rostock Essences

Rostock Essences are fluids which contain the vibration and healing potential of gemstones and semi-precious stones along with spiritual information. The electromagnetic healing information of the stone is transferred to clear spring water from the Styrian mountains.
The essences are named after the small village Rostock in the Austrian province of Styria. Nicola Wohlgemuth, who produces these essences, says she has a special gift of being able to enhance the receptivity of the water for vibrations and can also highly intensify the energy of the stones.

The information contained in the essences is sealed, i.e. it cannot be destroyed by interfering factors such as X-rays or mobile phones. Scientific tests conducted by the Institute for Bioenergetic Environmental Investigations (IBBU – Institut für Biosensorik und Bioenergetische Umweltforschung, Graz/Styria) confirmed this. The bioinformation contained in the essences can induce subtle physical, emotional and mental regulation processes and stimulate self-healing.

Individual mixtures of different essences are prepared in accordance with the needs of individual patients. These can especially support detoxification and cleansing processes (Mayr-cure, liver cleanse), as well as help the immune system and harmonize the whole being.

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