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  Adamus Saint Germain's DreamWalker Death Transitions™


Many ancient cultures had the custom of assisting souls during their death process and their transition back to immaterial existence. Specially trained and chosen wise men and women accompanied the souls on their journey.
The wake as well as the rituals recorded in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, or other similar works are remnants of those times.
Such rituals also provide some help for the bereaved by facilitating the separation process from their loved ones and making it easier to say good-bye.

According to the belief of many old cultures, the soul finds itself in a near-earth realm immediately following death. Especially after a sudden or violent death, the soul remains in a state of shock with no clarity about what has just happened.

Clarity, however, must be found for the soul to be able to make its decision as to which path to continue down: to either stay in the near-earth realms for some time, to incarnate into a body again, or to search for the "bridge of flowers" and move into other realms far beyond our comprehension for its own further development.
In search of this bridge, the consciousness of the deceased is confronted with illusions and distractions, sometimes of a pleasant, sometimes of an intimidating nature.

The role of the spiritual dreamwalker is to guide and accompany the soul on the path to this bridge, which can be quite difficult to find.

Such a Dreamwalker Death Facilitator is either asked to do this work by the persons themselves who feel their approaching death, or by relatives or dear ones during the transition process or after death.
This assistance is offered to one and all, independent of any religious organization or doctrine. The Dreamwalker remains neutral regarding any specific religious views.

I am a certified Dreamwalker Death Facilitator –

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